Making it rain with  condoms

Making it rain with condoms

Content Creation

I run workshops with young people where content creation is a vehicle for exploring and developing stuff happening in their lives. Often the young people are vulnerable in some way, whether it be down to their gender or sexuality, economic status or life at home (if they have one). I work with them for between a couple of hours to seeing them one day a week over a longer period. Together we learn as a group how to create gifs or vlogs, how to share things online etc. The aims of the workshops vary from equipping young people with basic digital skills to improve a CV, helping them tell the world about something important, to just making them a bit more confident in life. 

 Photo by  Jon D Barker

Photo by Jon D Barker

Premiere pro and editing basics

I also run half day and full day workshops on learning the basics of video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. These cover file management, creating sequences, subtitling, effects, colour and exporting a final video. Workshop participants have ranged from those still in single digits, teenagers on the BFI’s Film Academy, to several people in a workshop for Manchester International Festival who I’m pretty sure arrived stowing their free bus pass. Workshop sizes have been one-on-one to groups of around 30.

 A magazine I produced with  Mentoring Plus , written entirely by young people

A magazine I produced with Mentoring Plus, written entirely by young people

Creative writing workshops

In the last year I have started running workshops specifically designed to get young people writing. Again, the participants have come from various backgrounds (and have often been turned off writing by school), so we’ve kinda had to reinvent what writing means to them. This has ended up looking like the research and scripts for vlogs, letters to their 30 year old selves, and me interviewing a group of boys and writing up a piece about their thoughts on the education system, vegetarianism and The Illuminati. The priority is always getting them to talk about the things they genuinely care about.