Rife magazine

In 2014 I was one of the first journalists to be hired by Rife magazine, an online space for the young people of Bristol made entirely by people under the age of 24. While I was there I developed my love for video, told the world how to get free condoms, established Rife's social media profile and made a lot of friends. I've worked with every subsequent cohort of content creators since mine to give them video production skills and a little day-to-day guidance on how to master Premiere Pro. You should check us out. Here’s everything I created while I was there.



I uploaded my first vlog to YouTube in 2013 (don’t bother, I have ensured that you won't be able to find it) and have since made videos on mental health, parodies, sketches, travel vlogs, and also documented my recent forays into writing fiction. All my videos are over on my channel.

People also pay me to make vlogs. Penguin Random House approached me to make a video for their channel where they were celebrating Pride with a collection of books. I chose Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin and was slightly blown away, as you can probably tell in the video below.

A recent video on my own channel

On Penguin Platform's channel


Flushing The Tubes

Flushing The Tubes was a project I founded and ran from January 2016 to September 2017. It was born from a desire to find smaller YouTubers (those under, say, 10 thousand subscribers) because YouTube wasn’t fulfilling that need very well. After launching the project to a staggeringly positive response I found a group of like-minded people to help me, and for the next year and half we shared a new smaller YouTuber every single day of the week. We also had guest slots for much larger creators, had new curators every few months and - after deciding on a whim to do a little campaign - spent a whole day trending on Twitter with #LittleButLoved. Flushing The Tubes has finished now but all of our content is still there.