Client: British Council

The British Council commissioned myself and Roseanna Dias, a Creative Producer, to respond to the idea of young people in cities. We worked with three young people and filmed them in less represented parts of Bristol; our interviews were designed to give participants the space to speak truthfully and critically. The film was screened at a major event for change makers in in the city.

Client: Studio Meineck

trove is a treasure chest for adopted children’s most precious things, developed with the University of Bristol. I worked with the lead designer to create an evaluation film that that explained trove’s purpose and the research that informed its creation.

Client: Ignacio Jarquin

Frida’s Ashes is a theatre performance about the lives of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, performed by Mexican artist, Ignacio Jarquin. I documented a week of R&D that culminated in a performance for the public. The work uses artificial intelligence to respond to the sounds of Ignacio and a choir as they sing throughout the piece. 

Client: Watershed

I conceptualised a short, fun film about desired cinema behaviour, in response to research with customers and ushers. I commissioned an animator to create the visuals and recorded my own sound effects. I worked with David Ellington, a Deaf filmmaker, to make the film inclusive by having British Sign Language an integral part of the film, rather than an afterthought. The film was unanimously well-received and is now shown on the cinema screens before every feature film.